Practical and safe transportation for your bike.

BORSON is a very practical bag designed for bike transportation without barely removing a thing, made in a very resistant fabric

BORSON is compatible with all types of bikes, both road and MTB, with quick release or thru-axle up to 20 mm.

Light and easy to handle, the BORSON features handles to easily lift and transport it thanks to the 2 rear wheels, just like a regular trolley.

Technical features

Super-comfortable zip opening let you unfold the BORSON completely and to easily and safely store a bicycle inside.

The internal padding protects the bike from any shock during transportation, whereas the two elastic lateral panels are made in tear-proof fabric to protect the bag from tears and holes caused by acciental tug.

One of the main perks of using Elite's bike bag Borson is that you won't need to disassemble the frame, the handlebar or other components. You just need to remove the pedals to mount the bike within the bag, and by doing so you will be able to keep your saddle height in place anytime you're travelling.

Just remove the wheels and store them inside the two included wheel carrying bags, that in turn will have to be stored inside the BORSON, as they're also protective elements for the bike.

There's also a bigger external pocket to store your documents.









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