Hammerhead Karoo 2

Product News

The Karoo 2 has gotten even better. New features are introduced on a regular basis, and this time, improvements are made to make the Control Center even more useful. Whereas the following updates were technically included in the last release, they are important enough to be included now.

Device Controls

Now you can manage and monitor all of the wireless devices connected to the Karoo 2. On this new Control Center screen, you can zero offset your power meter, refresh the connection to any disconnected devices, and open Sensors for further management. This page is only available while riding.

Introducing Ride Restore

You may now power down your Karoo mid-ride and resume that ride when you switch your Karoo back on, whether you're on a multi-day trip or just looking to conserve some battery during a long rest stop.

These two are simply a tribute to the world's best update. This version contains a total of 15 feature upgrades and 20 bug fixes. You'll appreciate the Karoo 2 even more as a result!


Two of the most popular features on the Karoo 2 require an internet connection to function. The Karoo must have an active internet connection in order to use Live Tracking and upload rides to Strava. You can do this in one of two ways: insert a sim card into the Karoo 2 and get the necessary cell service, or use your phone as a hotspot.