Now that you have purchased the super bike of your dreams, how can you keep it running like day one every single ride? Let me introduce The Wheelhouse House “Bike Love” Exclusive Maintenance Plan. Similar to purchasing a new car, your bike requires regular maintenance and part replacement to ensure it's always running its best. Our plan costs $1500.00 per year and includes one chain and cassette replacement as well as unlimited standard tune-ups, bike and component cleaning, bottom bracket overhaul, and always front of the line service. We aren’t just talking about wiping down your chain, we are talking about an ultrasonic bath in some kind of magical wax leaving your cassettes and chain looking like it's going on a first date, mixed with our super ceramic chain lube…. You won’t think you are on the same bike you brought in. We understand this isn’t for everyone, but if you love bikes the way we do this plan is a must. We love feedback, so ask questions. The link to that chat with a real person is down below.

The Exclusive Maintenance Plan


Covers the labor to change tires, tubes, cables, chains and brake pads purchased from THE WHEELHOUSE. Also, unlimited Comp Tune-Ups which cover all basic maintenance and fine tuning of the bicycle, including:

  • Install new handlebar tape or grips
  • Bottom bracket overhaul
  • Clean frame and components
  • Install complete set of cables & housing
  • Headset bearing overhaul
  • Bleed disc brakes (front & rear)
  • Clean drivetrain (incl. Derailleurs, crank, chainrings, cassette, chain)
  • Adjust bottom bracket
  • Adjust hub bearings front & rear
  • Lube cables and housing
  • Adjust brakes
  • Bike wipe down
  • Inspect frame, fork, and components
  • Adjust bottom bracket
  • Align derailleur hanger
  • Adjust front derailleur
  • Adjust rear derailleur
  • Tighten chainring bolts
  • Bike wipe down
  • Tighten and final check
  • Adjust headset
  • Check stem bolts
  • Tighten crank bolts
  • Inspect pedals and tighten
  • True and tension wheels

Not included in our Exclusive Maintenance Plan:

  • Rebuilding wheels
  • Labor charge for replacement of parts (other than listed above in maintenance plan)
  • Installation of accessories
  • Any parts, whatsoever
  • Repair of damage from accidents or crashes
  • Repair of damage from neglect, lack of maintenance, or abuse

Terms and Conditions:

The Wheelhouse will track any new bicycle purchased from us into our database which entitles the original purchaser of the bicycle access to The Wheelhouse Exclusive Maintenance Plan from the date of purchase of the Maintenance Plan.

The Exclusive Maintenance Plan is offered only to customers who have purchased a new bicycle from The Wheelhouse within the past 60 days. The maintenance plan will not be offered on bicycles more than 60 days old and will never be offered on bicycles not purchased directly from The Wheelhouse. The Wheelhouse reserves the right to determine whether the maintenance program is applicable on a particular bicycle at the sole and absolute discretion of management at The Wheelhouse. We reserve the right to refuse to offer the maintenance plan to anyone for any reason.

The Exclusive Maintenance Plan is non-transferable under any circumstance and is only valid for the original owner of both the bicycle and the maintenance plan. The Wheelhouse reserves the right to request original purchase documentation at any time and may refuse technical support for failure to provide such documentation. The plan is non-transferable to a different bicycle other than that bicycle for which the maintenance plan was originally purchased. The loss, theft, or destruction of the original bicycle for which the maintenance plan was purchased for immediately voids the maintenance plan for which no remedy is available.

Whether or not a particular item is covered by the maintenance plan is at the sole and absolute discretion of The Wheelhouse management. Bicycles covered under the Exclusive Maintenance Plan must be scheduled into the store’s tech schedule in the same manner as the bicycles that are not covered by the maintenance plan. The Exclusive Maintenance Plan does not guarantee any particular time frame for completion, timing of said completion will rely on several variables including number of technicians and the number of customers that require a technician’s attention.

The Exclusive Maintenance Plan will provide you with the reassurance that your new bike will be in tip top condition for many rides. If you have any questions regarding our maintenance plan, please contact us at 1-877-694-1373 or

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